We create a global collaboration platform between companies and influencers in a new automated environment.

We bring together companies and influencers in a direct and fast way, providing them with the right tools for a successful and effective advertising campaign.

We have developed and provide innovative tools, which help the company, using our platform, to achieve the maximum performance of an advertising campaign, while helping influencers maintain and improve their profiles’ quality.

Renfluence Search

Find the top influencers with the best search engine

Renfluence Manage

Evaluate and manage the influencer marketing campaigns in one place

Renfluence Analytics

Discover the power of Influencer Marketing and measure your success

Improve your workflow and efficiency.

Content Review

Upon mutual agreement between both parties, it is possible to control and approve the content of the advertisement before it is published.

Lowest Fees

Create or undertake an advertising campaign, offering the lowest commission on the market.

Campaign Creation in 3 Minutes

The company creates its desired advertising campaign, directly informing the relevant interested influencers.

Payments Guaranteed

Upon the successful completion of an advertising campaign, the influencers will be paid electronically with the guarantee of Renfluence.

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